From Generation to Generation

We live in a new missionary era. Because of cultural factors, Latin Americans are uniquely suited to reach out to areas that are often closed to traditional missionaries. Not too long ago, the good news often traveled from the northern hemisphere to other parts of the world.

Now, in this multi-polar world, the good news is sent from everywhere to everywhere. Even some of the most difficult parts of the world are being reached by leaders from Asia, Africa, and Latin America. We invite you to walk with us in this journey to make an impact for the gospel.

Current Goal

Fabián and Marcela Abregú have been working for many years in La Rinconada, one of the most isolated places in Argentina. They need a new truck. Fabián says their old truck is fine… if you are Fred Flintstone. The floorboard has rusted out and they can see the dirt road under their feet as they drive along. Fabián and Marcela live about 80 kilometers down very rough dirt roads from the nearest mechanic, so they need a reliable used vehicle.

La Rinconada is a town with a population of only 200, but there are many more living in adobe houses spread out over hundreds of square kilometers of barren country. They survive by herding goats. Fabián and Marcela’s ministry reminds me of the old-time circuit riders. They spend time driving to many of these outlying areas to care for those living there and to proclaim the gospel.

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